No Place But Home


6min, B/W

Filmed with B/W surveillance cameras, this semi-documentary, semi-fiction film was a part of “The Border Project”, a mixed genre project consisting of five short films dealing with the definition of the word “border” in reflection to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

 Special Mention, Black Maria Film Festival , NJ, USA, 2005



Cannes filmfestival 2004, Cinefondation

Invideo film festival, Milano,Italy 2004 

L’Alternativa 2004, 11thIndependent Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain 2004

 Bordering conflicts, Mexico City, Mexico 2004

Paris Israeli Film Festival, France 2005

Social Justice Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2005

Black Maria Film Featival, Jersey City, N.J. U.S.A., 2006

4FF, Bolzano,Italy, 2006