Lost Horse - Asaf Avidan

Music & Dance

Armed with their own camera, modern dance power-couple Bobbi Jene Smith and Or Schraiber set about documenting their intimate daily lives in a new genre of “Musical” style documentary.
Mixing improvised choreography driven by their immediate emotions with the relentless,
never-stopping rolling of the camera, the two created an abundance of scenes reflecting the many aspects of a relationship full of multitudes. A life full of beginnings and endings coexisting in us all.

Following the video for "Earth Odyssey", Director/Editor Adi Halfin’s vision for this video was another creative solution for a period where it is virtually impossible to create international collaborations due to the restrictions as a result of the global pandemic.
After many ideas for the video were put down due to the inability to bring dancers and film crew together… She decided to go with the flow and have the dancers film themselves. Mixing their dance into a documentation of their personal life.
In the end - this actually proved to be an advantage and allowed a more intimate and close-up view of the couple’s lives.

Directed and Edited by - Adi Halfin
Filmed and choreographed by Bobbi Jene Smith & Or Schraiber
Colour Grading: Maria Carretero, Nice Shoes
Post Producer: Serena Bove, Nice Shoes
Dancers - Bobbi Jene Smith & Or Schraiber

Written, Composed and Performed by Asaf Avidan
Produced, Recorded & mixed by Tamir Muskat at Vibromonk East TLV
2nd recording engineer - Omry Amado
Additional recordings by Asaf Avidan at Different Pulses Studios Italy
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards by Asaf Avidan
Drums, Percussion, Programming by Tamir Muskat
Bass by Itamar Ziegler
Mastered by Vlado Meller at Vlado Meller Mastering
Assisted by Jeremy Lubsey

All my body's undulating
back and forth but it's too late and
there's no cure and no sedating
this prolonged, insane, grotesque thing
that we wrongly have been naming "Love"
but this ain't love

Pretty soon I will be feeding
on the taps your little feet in
silver boots make when they're fleeing town
and I can't get around to being
much surprised by memories speeding
on the road on which we're bleeding love
Honey, this ain't love

I want you to hold me
Perpendicularly only
A sundial for the gods
We were born… Born to fail

It's Raining cats and dogs, and lightning
strikes my heart and sheds some light on-
to the fact it ain't so frightening
how there hasn't been your pretty sight in
so much time, my teeth are whitening
from the blood we shed while biting love
Honey, this ain't love

I want you to hold me
Perpendicularly only
A sundial for the gods
we were born… Born to fail

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