Whatever It Takes

17min, 16mm, 2004

Maya is unwilling to come to terms with the fact that Tamar has left her for a new life in London, and will do anything to stop this from happening. Maya's shattered heart leaves her with nothing to lose, not even life itself.

Winner Best Fiction, Potsdam Bablsberg Film Festival, 2005


Berlinale International Film Festival, Germany 2005; Melbourne Queer FilmFestival, Australia 2005; Brisbane Queer Film Festival, Australia, 2005; Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Italy 2005; Lesbian FilmFestival of Freiburg, Germany 2005; Illumenation film festival, Helsinki, Finland 2005; InsideOut – Torono Gay & Lesbian film festival, Canada2005; Potsdam Bablsberg Film Festival, Germany 2005; Outfest LosAngeles G&L Film Festival, USA 2005; NewFest New York G&L Film Festival, USA 2005; Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,Denmark 2005; Women Film Festival, Rehovot, Israel, 2005; Paris Gay andLesbian Film Festival, Paris, France, 2005; Austin Gay and Lesbian Festival,Austin, U.S.A. 2005; Out On Film Festival, Atlanta, U.S.A., 2005; Esslingen gay & lesbian and many more..

No Place But Home

8min, video, 2003

Filmed with B/W surveillance cameras, this semi-documentary, semi-fiction film was a part of “The Border Project”, a mixed genre project consisting of five short films dealing with the definition of the word “border” in reflection to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Special Mention, Black Maria Film Festival , NJ, USA,2005


Cannes filmfestival 2004, cinefondation; Invideo film festival, Milano,Italy 2004; L’Alternativa 2004, 11thIndependent Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain 2004; Bordering conflicts, Mexico City, Mexico 2004;Paris Israeli Film Festival, France 2005; Social Justice Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2005;Black Maria Film Featival, Jersey City, N.J. U.S.A., 2006; 4FF, Bolzano,Italy, 2006


6min, 16mm, 2002

adi halfin homecoming film maker director sam spiegel film school עדי חלפין סם שפיגל

While awaiting her lover's return from overseas, a young woman goes through a radial change.

Winner Directing Prize from the Mayor of Jerusalem